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Tiny Golfer fun golf set

Turn any room into your personal golf course with Big Fred’s Indoor Golf Pro. This compact set lets you swing into action with a tiny golfer that’s big on charm. With a range of clubs to snap into our little player’s hands and Styrofoam balls that are safe indoors, you’ll be setting up for a birdie in the hallway or a hole-in-one in the office.

What's in the Box:

  • Mini Golf Player: A small figure with a big swing and six interchangeable clubs.
  • Safe Play Balls: Lightweight Styrofoam balls that won’t break windows or vases.
  • Course Accessories: Everything you need to create courses, including a tee box, flag, cup, and two sand traps.
  • Scoring Tools: Keep track of your strokes with handy scorecards.

Easy to set up and even easier to play, the Indoor Golf Pro is all about getting your golf fix no matter the weather outside. It’s perfect for solo practice or playing against friends and family. Who knew you could have this much golfing fun without leaving the house?


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