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Pressure Putt Trainer: Perfect Your Putt on the Go

Fine-tune your putting game with Big Fred’s Pressure Putt Trainer—no digging required. This trainer mimics the real deal with a 4 1/4” base that gives you the true feel of sinking a putt on the course, whether you’re at home or on the move.

Practice Like a Pro:

  • Real-Hole Simulation: The size of the base is the real circumference of a golf hole, challenging you to be accurate and precise.
  • Smart, Parabolic Design: A putt that rolls back means it’s as good as in. Missed putts return the same distance they'd go past the hole—talk about knowing your game.
  • Micro-Target Mastery: Hone in on the perfect putt speed with an addictive micro-target that only holds the ball when you hit it just right.
  • Reject the Rush: The tapered ramp design kicks out too-fast putts, so you learn the touch of a true golfer.
  • Alignment Assistance: A top hole fits an alignment stick to fine-tune your setup and stroke.
  • Multi-Dot Targets: Three dots in the base for varied practice routines, keeping your sessions fresh and challenging.
  • Any Surface, Anywhere: Spikes make it stable on mats or grass, so take your pick.
  • Pocket-Sized Practice: Folds down and tucks into your bag with ease, because the best practice is the kind that follows you.

With Big Fred’s Premium Pressure Putt Trainer, you’ve got a complete putting solution that pushes you to learn, adapt, and improve. It’s your round-the-clock coach, your pre-round warm-up, and your post-round analysis all in one.